Paul ScanlonPaul Scanlon, P.E., LEED AP

Paul Scanlon is an architectural engineer and sustainability consultant who has focused on energy efficient building design, resource conservation, facilities condition assessments and strategic renewal planning for over thirty-five years.

Mr. Scanlon received his degree in Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Environmental Systems Option, from The Pennsylvania State University in 1974 and became a registered professional engineer in 1980. He became certified as an Energy Engineer by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) in 1980, as an AEE-certified Green Building Engineer in 2006, and as a U.S. Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional in 2009.

He currently serves as Director of Sustainability at Slippery Rock University, where he is responsible for leading/documenting all sustainability initiatives on campus (including the promotion of curricular and co-curricular sustainability programs, recycling and waste minimization efforts, organic gardening and permaculture skills, energy and resource conservation, and environmental preservation efforts. He is also responsible for conducting SRU’s annual greenhouse gas inventories and comprehensive sustainability reports that have resulted in SRU’s recognition in the Sierra Club’s “Cools Schools” list, the Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges, and the EPA/DOE Green Ribbon Schools program.

Mr. Scanlon resides in West Sunbury, PA in an earth-sheltered house that he designed and constructed for his family in 1984-1985, which became the subject of a Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood episode teaching young children about energy conservation. He is currently developing a permaculture-inspired site plan for developing the 50 acres surrounding his house, which will include a rainwater harvesting system, multiple organic gardens, and other features aimed at demonstrating the benefits of habitat diversification, local food programs, and resilient systems for adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Chris GlennChristine McHenry-Glenn

Christine McHenry-Glenn has a Masters of Science degree in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University. She has been working as an environmental educator for over 20 years, teaching students in Japan, England and the United States. Her work specifically in the field of environmental education began in 1997 at the Macoskey Center at SRU. Since that time she has taught lessons and workshops on environmental topics to all age levels. Additionally, she has trained both teachers and pre-service teachers on how to facilitate lessons on a variety of environmental topics. Christine also works for the Hospitality, Event Management and Tourism Department as an instructor where she teaches ecotourism and sustainable planning courses.

Christine also serves on the President’s Commission on Sustainability with Fran Bires and Paul Scanlon, and has worked with Paul on several SRU Green Fund Grant projects related to preserving wetlands on campus and providing educational signage along the Overlook Hiking Trail on campus.

Robert J. KobetBob Kobet photo

Robert J. Kobet is enjoying semi-retirement after a thirty-six year career as President of the Kobet Collaborative, a multi-disciplined architectural consulting firm specializing in sustainable design and development, high performance green buildings, LEED consulting and environmental education.  His work includes a variety of projects in twelve countries for clients ranging from the Cultural Section of the State Department, the Pentagon and the Beijing Olympic Village to community development work in Rwanda and Eastern Europe.

Mr. Kobet has been with the US Green Building Council from its beginning and is one of the original twelve faculty selected by the US Green Building Council to teach LEED workshops.  He served as Chair of the USGBC Green School Initiative for six years.  Mr. Kobet has lectured and consulted internationally on a number of green school subjects and is known for his expertise and contributions to architecture as pedagogy and the role of school facilities in STEM and STEAM programs.  He remains actively involved in a number of green school projects by serving on juries and advisory boards, and contributes regularly to major publications and blogs.

Ashley SwedaIMG_20170504_123418

For eons and eons of years Ashley has explored the US and other countries with a backpack and in a kayak. His explorations have taken him to oceans, tops of trees and into the underground world.

Since he absolutely loves people and the natural environment, it was natural for him to manage university-based (Penn State University, Northern Illinois University) adventure programs which included rock climbing, kayaking, caving and environmental sciences.

His passion consists of growing, foraging, and eating any type of plant you can think of.  He reads voraciously about Permaculture Principles and enacts his learning in his daily life.  Mimicking nature is an endless life-long process.

Presently, he has built an ecological learning center, called Full Circle Farm & Artisan Center.  The farm deals with many permaculture principles such as, organic gardening, fruit tree pruning/grafting, raised-beds, vertical gardening, mushroom inoculation and other natural food producing opportunities.

Simply said, Ashley is the modern day Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman).

Renee CoyneRenee Coyne

Renee is currently serving as the assistant director for the office of Career Education & Development at Slippery Rock University. Renee received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Gannon University and a Master of Arts degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Slippery Rock University. Renee has had previous work experience developing and managing educational summer camp programs while working at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio and Pine Springs Camp & Conference Center in Jennerstown, Pennsylvania.

Erin StrainErin Strain pic

Erin Strain is an accomplished organizational leadership trainer and coach.  As the Director of Leadership Development at Slippery Rock University, she is responsible for setting the program’s vision with an emphasis on experiential learning.  Erin coaches academic teams and departments to move forward and develop leadership skills.

Erin has presented and led trainings for both publicly and privately held companies for over 14 years.  Erin earned a Master’s of Science in Professional Leadership with a minor in Training and Development from Carlow University.  She holds professional certifications in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Mediation, Emotional Intelligence, Adventure Programming, Level II PSIA and is an alumni of the Pittsburgh Professional Women Leadership Academy. She also serves on the President’s Commission for Sustainability at SRU.

She was the founder and director of the Mountain Adventure Team at Seven Spring Mountain Resort for skiers and snowboarder ranging from 7-15 years of age.

In addition to her professional work she enjoys skiing, road/ mountain biking, working on her house in the Laurel Mountains and is a life-long environmental learner.

Rebecca E. SheriffRebecca's photo

Rebecca Sheriff is a soon to be honors graduate of Slippery Rock University’s Hospitality, Event Management, & Tourism department, earning a B.S. in Resort Recreation and Hospitality Management and a minor in leadership, with a concentration in sustainability.  Her previous experience includes leadership within equestrian summer camp programs, and she ultimately aspires to direct an equestrian ministry summer camp and retreat center either abroad or in the American west.

Rebecca has been involved in the development of the Healthy Planet, Healthy People summer camp since October 2016 and has assisted in nearly all areas of camp development.  This includes the recruitment of camp participants and design of the camp website and social media platforms.

She enjoys competing through Slippery Rock’s Intercollegiate Horse Show Association western equestrian team and her interests include journalism, reading, western horsemanship, traveling, wildlife conservation, marine biology, and astronomy.

It is with great sadness that Rebecca will not be able to attend the camp.  She will be working at a horse ranch in the mountains of Colorado.  However, we wanted to introduce you to her since she is central to every experience you will have at the camp.  Thank you, Rebecca, for your outstanding work!  You are invaluable to the successes of this camp!