Recommended Resources

Below you will find a variety of resources that will assist you and your team as you start to develop your ideas for your community service learning project.  Please explore this page, browse the articles, and watch the videos to gather innovative ideas about what your project could be like!

Project Poster Example

  • This document is the template for all school district team projects.  The sections provide a brief overview of the type of content that we are looking for, and more details will be given to you during the work sessions throughout the week of the camp.
  • Note:  On some devices, this document may download as a file (and may not show up in a new browser window.) Please be sure to check your web browser’s “downloads” folder for this document if a new tab does not automatically open.  The “downloads” folder can be found in the upper-right-hand corner of the browser window under “settings.”

Articles on Environmental Projects


  • Carrboro High’s Eco-Action Club
  • “Carrboro High’s Eco-Action Club plans to use the funds to help pay for new raised garden beds, deer fencing, a water catchment system, and healthy soil. Ultimately, the club plans to expand viable grow-space, improve Carrboro High School’s composting and organic waste program, increase gardening and educational opportunities, and teach healthy food programs to students and community members.”


  • “Student activities support environmental, economic sustainability”
  • “With support from the Center for Great Lakes Literacy and Pennsylvania Sea Grant, 10 teachers in the region have involved 834 students in stewardship projects this year. The results include: better stormwater management, improved habitat for little brown bats and monarch butterflies, less plastic waste and cleaner beaches and communities.”